Monday, May 17, 2010


I picked Chloe up from Boys & Girls Club on Friday, and we hadn't even made it to the Durango before she came up with this one.

"We're doing a play for moms and dads, and I get to be Goldilocks! ...Because my hair is brown."

Wait. What??

And later, on our way to pick Lauren up:

"Heather, how do we get spit in our mouths?"

"Well, our mouths need to be wet, and we need spit to chew our food, so our mouths have things called salivary glands that make spit. If we don't swallow the spit every now and then, we can collect a bunch in our mouths."

"I don't know these things! It's not like I'm in the sixth grade!"

Well excuuuuse me! Maybe I need to work on my explaining skills...

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Mom said...

What a girl!