Monday, May 3, 2010

Good Food Gone Bad

Lady Looney does not keep food longer than three days. "Really?" I clarify. "Only three days?"

"It's no good past three days."

"Nothing is good? What about jam?"

"Nope, three days."

"Ketchup and mustard?"

"Those keep longer cuz they have vinegar in 'em."

"But everything else is only good for three days? Wow."

At this point, I am thoroughly annoyed and don't want to talk any more. I would have eaten the teriyaki that she threw away because it had been in the fridge since Friday. Untouched teriyaki chicken. It was just shy of three days old.

I'm glad she gets paid enough to throw away three day old jars of jam.

I'm mourning the chicken a little bit.
No, actually, I'm mourning the teriyaki sauce.

Three days!?!?


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