Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Who Knew One Could Be THIS Excited About Southern Idaho?

A day and a half. One day and one half! One and a half days! Can you tell I'm a little excited for my long weekend? After work tomorrow, Paul and I, along with Dad A, Kathy, Chuck and Uncle Ray, are headed to Twin Falls, ID, for the (imagine a deep, booming announcer's voice) ABUNDIS FAMILY REUNION!

Ok, I'll admit that it's not exactly the reunion that I'm excited about. (Although I am curious, to say the least) This may sound a little crazy--maybe a little unbalanced, a little loony. I'm excited for a combined 22 hours in the car with Paul! And in between the car rides we will have hours and hours together, doing who cares what. We will be together. I need time with him, and thanks to the ABUNDIS FAMILY REUNION, I will get a whole bunch of it!

But first I need to...
  • Make it through the rest of today. Oy.
  • Buy a rat.
  • And kitty food.
  • And poguey bait.
  • Vacuum and sweep (don't ask why...it just seems like the thing to do)
  • Eat four bananas.
  • De-rootify and re-blackify my hair.
  • Finish some homework.
  • Brave the basement to find some suitcases.
  • Psych myself up to get up early enough to finish packing and be ready to leave the house by 0540.
  • Talk Paul into scooping the kitty box...
Who knows how much of that will actually happen... I tend to have lofty goals of leaving the house in a state of perfection before a trip, but in reality I leave behind me a wake of destruction and chaos.

But who cares!?!? I'm excited! It's been a long month or so, and Paul and I need to get away...

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Erica said...

Fun, fun, fun! I think this will be great for you two to reconnect after a long month! You can come home renewed! Make sure you come back and post pictures, be it on here or facebook! :)