Monday, August 23, 2010

Catching Up

-The countdown has begun. On Tuesday, November 16, 2010, we'll all be free to move forward. Three months from this point of view seems like a lifetime.

-We have to move. No, we get to move, and I am excited about it, but...I hate moving. I mean, I HATE moving. The packing, the organizing, the dealing with accumulated crap that no one seems to be willing to throw away. Paul, for once the optimist, continually reminds me that, God willing, this will be the last time we have to move.

-For some reason, the thought of moving makes me mom-sick. Mom, wanna come sit on my bed and talk to me while I pack?

-You could help me paint, too, while we're hanging out. I guess there's no rush to paint, but I'm thinking a red kitchen. What do you think? (who cares what she thinks? I'm going to have a red kitchen!)

-As Paul and I walked through Mom A's almost empty house last night, I came to a disturbing realization. Every decision that we have to make regarding the house is going to involve a lot of disagreement and a lot of compromise. We cannot agree on anything. The upside to this is that once we do agree, we'll know beyond any doubt that we've made the correct choice for us both. But...paint colors might be the downfall of our relationship.

-Lady Looney went on a cruise last week, an Alaskan cruise. I'll admit that I kind of missed her company while she was gone. Our room was morbidly quiet all week. But she came back today, and I have to remind myself that I missed her because I am ready for her to go again.

-Ironically, her biggest complaint about her cruise concerned a group of "foreigners" (her words...don't tag me as racist!), who spent the whole time arguing at the top of their lungs. Now, we all know that some cultures enjoy their arguements, and they enjoy them loudly. But this did not sit well with LL, and she had to refrain from starting a fight to win back her "peace and quiet." I wonder if she realizes that her incessant complaining, grousing, yelling and cursing disrupts my peace and quiet?

-But she brought in Costco muffins this morning, so it's all good.

-A facebook status from a classmate reminded me last week that I had been in school at one point over the summer, and I should probably check my grades. I didn't have high hopes because I got an 89% on a test, but lo and behold, my classic inattention and lackidasicality to what should have been a priority paid off once again. Another 4.0. Booyah.

-Fastforward a bit less than a week to yesterday and my realization that I should probably find out when school starts up again. I'd hate to miss the first day of school for not paying attention. September 20--a whole month off. Booyah again.

-Finally, I leave you with an idyllic picture of our Sunday afternoon. Idyllic for them. I did laundry.

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