Monday, August 2, 2010

Things I Should Be Doing

-Running my monthly reports
-Finishing up this week's homework
-Not eating Pop Tarts for breakfast
-Cleaning out the basement
-Paying the power bill
-Recycling the 72,000 plastic grocery bags that are stuffed into my laundry room shelves
-Learning to be ambitious
-Going to the dentist
-Finding a hobby
-Detailing the Durango
-Making up my mind
-Parking legally
-Concocting beautiful things to write about

What about you? What's clogging up your to-do list?


Mom said...

-finishing the budget
-cleaning off the kitchen counter....again
-cleaning off the kitchen table...again
-detailing Rodman's car before we return it
-sweeping the kitchen floor
-making dinner

Erica said...

~Not eat ice cream
~Exercising...a lot
~Not eating out (excluding Saturday)
~Saving money
~Cleaning...there's always something to be cleaned in this house.