Friday, August 13, 2010


Things I like today:
-The smell of the laminating machine as it heats up--kinda of a crispy, plasticy smell. Weird, I know.
-Waking up in the middle of the night and pressing my calf against Paul's...just for a bit of warmth and the knowledge that he's there.
-Overhearing fights that aren't my own. Fascinating!
-My space heater which keeps my butt nice and toasty while my head and shoulders are buffeted by the air conditioner.
-Not having received a single ticket after parking illegally for eight months.
-The promise of the next step.
-Pork chops and potatoes for dinner!

Things I do not like today:
-The way my flip flop slides against the ball of my foot.
-Feeling unimportant.
-Ignored/unanswered text messages.
-Diet Pepsi
-The idea of next week.
-My own wasteful paper consumption
-The seemingly endless wait between steps.

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