Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Six Thoughts This Tuesday. I mean Wednesday.

1. What happened to my tongue? All of a sudden my Ss are coming out like annoying Ts with a little pphhttbbtt lined up behind them to give the illusion of a certified sibilant. My tongue is like a stone between my teeth. Words trip and stumble to find their way out of my mouth, and I sometimes get so frustrated with trying to get those words out properly that I simply stop talking. I used to be an excellent speaker. I haven't always been as shy as I may seem now, and believe it or not, I do have a few opinions. I just can't talk.

2. Last night I turned onto our gravel road with our garbage cans on my mind. For the first time in a year, I wouldn't have to climb a quarter mile of slippery mud, dragging the cans behind me to be put away. I would simply walk the 50 flat feet between the road and the house. To say this fact excites me is a gross understatement.

My mind quickly leaped from the garbage cans to the refuse, itself, when I found the contents of one of our bags strewn across the road and in our new neighbors' yards. One black bag hadn't fit into our can, and I had set it aside to be included in next week's objectionable offerings. Our friendly neighborhood free range canine apparently found the bag, dragged it through through the gravel past three of our neighbors' driveways, and proceeded to rip through the waste and distribute it throughout the neighborhood. While this is the third time our garbage has been knocked over and strewn about, it is the first time that the mess extended beyond the confines of our driveway. Lovely.

So what do we do? Knock on the offending owner's door, introduce ourselves, and demand that the dog be tied up? To complicate matters even more, another neighbor has already proclaimed her affection for the yellow lab, and let us know in no uncertain terms that he should be allowed to run freely as he pleases. Not the best way to start out these relationships.
Ok, so this may not be our street, and it may be an exaggeration, but still!
 3. Lady Looney is asleep at her desk. Soon she'll let out a snore and wake herself up.

4. I can't commit to anything wedding related. This could start to be a problem soon, but I don't know what's keeping me from committing to what I thought I had already decided on. I want to be married...I just don't know how. I don't know when, either, or where. Fortunately, I do know who, what and why so in the long run I should be able to conquer this ridiculous mindset.

5. There is a new mindset in our house, starting tonight. For Paul, it is a "pass PT!!!!" mindset, and for me, it is a "don't hate yourself in wedding pictures!!!!" mindset. So we're going to run. Well, Paul is going to run; I'll walk, and feel guilty for not running too, but we all know that I just can't do it. And speed walking, for women is just as good or better (please don't picture me with my arms windmilling maniacally and my hypothetical ponytail bobbing in rhythm. I promise, I don't look that stupid when I'm walking). Sorry honey, but just because the Army says it's the right way to do things doesn't necessarily mean it is the right way to do things. Not for me anyway. He's determined, and that will help me to be determined, too. Now if I could just sneak more green things into his diet... Wish us luck!

6. Speaking of the Army....Grrr!!! Remember those seven values, please, and reorganize yourself a bit to return to them.