Monday, June 28, 2010

A Quick Post to Keep You Off My Back

Call me a bandwagon jumper, because in this case I am one. I watched my first entire soccer match on Saturday when the United States played Ghana in the World Cup, and it took me around three seconds to be hooked. Never in my life have two hours flown by so fast!

In the spirit of international unity, we ate an ethnically eclectic brunch during the game. German pancakes and Indian eggs wrapped in Mexican tortillas, topped off with good old Gig Harborian beer (for Paul, anyways).

But the best part was Chloe and Nicholas...they watched Paul's and my faces as we watched the game, and every time we cringed in disappointment or jumped off the couch in excitement, they rolled around on the floor, collapsing into gales of giggles. "Look at their faces!" they shrieked. "They're both chewing on their fingernails!" "They look so funny!" 

It's hard to be embarrassed when you're busy yelling at the overly-dramatic Ghanian players who waste so much time...

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Mom said...

Quick posts are good!