Monday, June 7, 2010

The Weekend in Bullet Points

-I fell asleep last night in a murderous rage. And I mean murderous. Pummeling. Curb-checks. Death by flame and gasoline. I woke up in it this morning, too, but I'm doing my best to calm it down. Really, I am. Mondays don't need any help to be crappy.

-Paul and I went shopping Friday evening after work. We wandered around Safeway for far too long, trying to agree on something for dinner. We finally agreed on grilled ham and cheese and tomato soup (the fixings for which we had entirely at home), so we left Safeway empty handed.

But on the way out the call of Starbucks was too strong to resist. As the barista made our deliciously-caffinated treats (venti white no whip mocha for Paul, tall stirred caramel macchiato for me), we teased each other, joking and laughing and remaining generally oblivious to the world. I can't even tell you what we joked about, but I know it included Slingblade impressions...mhmm.

As she handed us our drinks, the barista said, "You guys crack me up. You have so much fun together!"
  1. It never occured to me that the barista would be listening to us and
  2. We do have fun together, and I love that about us. Have you met my boyfriend? He's fun to be around!
-It seems like every time I boil something with milk, I conveniently forget that milk foams and boils over unbelievably quickly, resulting in a flooded stove top and the stench of scorching tomatoes and milk. Paul, being the wonderful man he is, mopped up the mess for me <3. And as an added bonus, I discovered that tomato soup brightens copper pot bottoms!

-I accidentally fell asleep watching Airplane (I know, how could I? I think I was nearly kicked out of the house!)...but after my mini, misguided nap I got two of my three finals completed. Yes!!!!!..... This quarter has actually been pretty easy (despite the crack-smoking 'teachers' and the absolute tragedy that is OC), but I'm still very glad that it's just about over. Only two more to go.

-Saturday found us wandering around town. I know Paul was trying to prevent my slow-weekend boredom. I get annoying when I'm bored.

Additionally, he was meant to have an appointment. He waited all morning for the call, and we decided to go into town so that when the call came, he would be closer to the meeting point. Of course, the call never did come and I'm not in the least bit surprised. No returned call, no return text. Not even a "Sorry, I can't make it" call. Rude and lazy. Again, no surprise. It's par for the course.

-As we waited, we decided to look for replacement grills for Paul's BBQ. We found what we needed at Lowe's, conveniently hidden behind all the brand new grills. Paul's eyes wandered to the rows and rows of shiny outdoor cooking tools.

"Ya BBQ is pretty rusted out on the bottom."

"Is it? How long have you had it?"

"Around 10 years... This one is really nice. And it's on sale!"

"This one is way nicer, and it's only another $20."

"I love the way you think, Baby!"

Fortunately for Paul, I had no reason to say no (like I would anyway. He pretty much has me wrapped around his little finger). Before I knew it, the Durango was loaded up with one of these!

Complete with a burner on the side! What do you do with a burner on a BBQ? Boil corn?

-And boil corn on the cob I did (in the kitchen, though)! In addition we had ginormous steaks, creamy baked potatoes, side salad and a cheesecake. Dad and Kathy came over for dinner and we had a great time hanging out, eating way too much and talking about everything and everyone. I always learn a lot when I'm around Doug...heh. Paul and his dad argued religion and politics and whatever else they could find to discuss, and Kathy and I spent the evening rolling our eyes at the boys. Thanks for coming out, Dad and Kathy.

Kathy was in a food coma. Natasha was starving, as usual. And holy crap, look! Dad is petting the cat!

-Once again, my favorite thing about our new grill is that it is our new grill.

-Sunday can be summed up as follows:

Except for with Thomas Kemper's Root Beer instead of Bud Light

-I love weekends like these, but I know the crazy schedule will return next weekend, and I love that too!


Anonymous said...

there was much inventory done on bar but lets not get into that

Mom said...

You're even nice when you're mean. Congratulations on the new grill!