Monday, March 22, 2010

Oh Yeah...

This is my youngest sister, Lindsey

Also known as Linda
The Lindz
Stinky Linda
and Chubalumps
(as a baby anyways...she's pretty dang skinny now)

Today, she turned

and this kind of makes me feel like an

Lindsey loves animals. She has a determined dedication to learning about them and I wish I had that same passion for something. She does not, however, let that dedication extend to actually cleaning their cages...

Lindsey is smarter than she lets us think
Lindsey is by no means a typical, ridiculous, giggly teenager
Lindsey is her own person, and no one else
Lindsey hogs all of the badonkadonk in the family

Lindsey is a great Auntie

Happy Birthday, Lindsey!!

**Lindsey is also very forgiving when her favorite sister forgets to send her a birthday card in a timely manner...

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