Monday, March 22, 2010

You Can Believe Your Eyes...I Blogged.

My mom has never been much of a nag. In fact, she probably would have done well to nag me just a bit more as I was growing up. Maybe I wouldn't have become so lazy if she had. But she didn't because she just isn't the nagging type. However, yesterday morning I got the following e-mail through facebook:

Brenda Jensen Johnson 21 March at 08:21
Hey, just because you don't have anything to blog about doesn't mean I don't have anything to read about! Get cracking! jk I miss you. Hope you had a good weekend. xxxooo

Dad A agrees with her. He reprimanded me for taking away his reading material. I won't repeat the ensuing poop jokes. .

I'm kind of lying when I tell you I have nothing to write about. The honest truth is that I have nothing I want you to read about. This is a very public forum, and I think I've already laid out a bit too much of myself. Plus, it's not that interesting. So as I think up creative gems of literary brilliance, I will share them! But my day to day thoughts belong to me, and to the people I love.

The house was full this weekend, with all four kids packed into our little cabin. At one time this would have been overwhelming for me, but I'm getting used to it. However, when two kids and two cats try to share the loveseat with Paul and me, claustrophobia does kick in.

"It's the LOVE seat!" Paul declared. "Sit on the couch with your sisters."

We did get out of the house for several hours on Saturday to celebrate Hailey's Birthday Party. While the kids (all  of the kids) worked out their energy on the trampoline and the boys threw darts and had a beer, Rene, Tiffany, Tiffany's mom, Lynn, and I basked in the sunshine and gossiped to our hearts' content. I miss that almost as much as I missed the sunshine. So welcome back, sunshine and girl gossip!

There are two new additions to my kitchen!

Ours looks nothing like this one,
but you get the idea

There was nothing really wrong with our old microwave...except that the digital clock had dwindled down to three or four line segments to track time passed (I was actually getting pretty good at figuring out the time from those four line segments...). And the door didn't open, ya know, unless you pried it from the bottom with your fingernails whilst continually jabbing the door open button with your fist and shouting obsenities as if they would help. Oh, and it was pretty dang dirty, too. 

So when Paul said, "I want a new microwave!" I wasn't about to argue.

In fact, I followed that up with, "I want an..." 


So on Sunday we had
 and it only took two batches to feed all six of us! Simple pleasures...

The best part about these new home appliances? They're ours. Paul's and mine.

Last week, Tiffany discovered Words with Friends, a Scrabble app for our iPhones. We were instantly addicted, and she thoroughly beat me on our first two games. I never realized the fine intricacies required to win a game of Scrabble...

On Saturday, Tiff quietly informed me that Chris was going to challenge me to a game. I'll admit, I was nervous. Not of winning or losing, but of trash-talking. Christopher is competitive and merciless. I decided that, win or lose, I would do it gracefully.

But I didn't count on Paul and his insatiable desire to spark good-natured conflict between Chris and me. Whether it concerns height, word-knowledge or zombie apocolypse survivability, my words about Christopher are never sacred to Paul, and once he knows what I've said, Christopher will not let it go. Brothers... 

But this makes it all worth it:

Let's just say I'm not osito129. And I'm not being graceful.

I'm only gloating because I think this is the only thing I'll ever be able to beat him at...

And no, Christopher, googling is not cheating!


Mom said...

Now, that's what I'm talkin' about! Happy mom. ; )

Erica said...

Oooh, I've been playing Words With Friends for a couple months now and it's the most addicting thing! I got Mike into it, too! So that's what we do at night, it's like our bonding thing. We lay in bed, both with our iPod Touch's, and make words. I'm challenging you to a game as soon as I finish this sentence ;)

honestabe said...


Anonymous said...

I can handle the fact that I was out-cheated. In fact I'm impressed that someone who seems so wholesome and good could stoop to such a low level. Congrats on earning that much more of my respect, your learning curve is better than I expected.

- Chris

Heather said...