Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Bitch Is Back...Sorry.

Spring break was fantastic, but I didn't exactly realize it until school started up again on Monday. I don't have any assignments yet, and I haven't even started two of my three classes, but already I can feel myself tensing up. I can feel my attitude getting crappy. I don't even anticipate having trouble with these classes, but the sheer time they will take out of my life kind of pisses me off. I don't want to be in school.

But then I have to make myself remember that my job is dependent on my status as a student, and I'm very thankful for my job and for this opportunity. I'd be screwed without it. Positive thinking isn't always natural, but I'm getting awfully good at forcing it. And eventually it'll become habit, right?

I have the terrible habit of taking out my stresses and bad moods on people who don't deserve it, and I'm going to work very hard this quarter to not do that. It's not fair to anyone. If I do it to you, I'm pre-sorry. Call me on it--I'll feel like crap for doing it, but your words will be a needed reminder for me to be self-aware. I might cry though, so be prepared for that...

Bummer of a blog, I know, but that's about the only shareable thing on my mind today.

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boomboom68 said...

Hang in there! You'll be okay. Kudos for trying to shake the negatives. It's hard but you'll do it.