Friday, February 12, 2010

I Was Yours From the Beginning

I've always thought that if something was truly meant to be, if it was written in the stars or planned for you before your were planned yourself, it would happen, no matter what. I still believe this, actually.

My parents met in the galley at NASWI over dinner. (No, my mom wasn't that cheap of a date.) The galley was packed that evening, and my mom was waiting for a friend to join her. Her friend was late, and my dad needed a place to eat. And that marked their beginning. About 32 years after that first meeting, they still have dinner together every night. (Well, them and the TV, and a combination of daughters and a grandkid).

But what would have happened if my dad had eaten at McDonald's that night? What if my mom's friend had been punctual? Would my own history have been changed, or would they have been given a second chance?

Paul and I met over Myspace. (I know, I'd be cynical too, but here we are. It worked.) We often talk about all the little life details that had to line up for us to meet. Paul had to re-join the Guard. I had to meet Dana at volleyball practice in 1996. Dana had to join the Army and eventually the National Guard. Paul had to look at Dana's laptop at the precise moment that my face scrolled by on her Myspace friends list, and he had to have the ridiculous sense of humor that put these words into his mouth: "She's a hottie boombalottie with a naughty body!" (Yup, it was the pick up line that stole my heart.) There are a thousand little choices that brought us together and one different choice could have made our paths seperate.

But I know in my heart that we would be given another chance. How could we not?

Happy Valentine's Day weekend. I truly hope you're spending it with the one you love...your predestined, the one for you. I know I am.


Mom said...

Where is the 'like' button? I like.

Tiffany said...

I love love.

Erica said...

I've told you the story of how Mike and I ended up together, that he loved me since I was 16 years old. I understand exactly what you mean. When something is meant to be, then there's no stopping it! Unfortunately Mike won't be here for Valentine's Day (ironically, he's on the same ship as your sister's boyfriend), but it's ok because love isn't just on one day. He loves me everyday and he shows it. I'm glad you get to feel love everyday, too! Happy Valentine's Day!

PS: What is it with you and MySpace? That's how we met, too, lol!