Monday, April 26, 2010

Looking At Yourself Closely Is Never Fun

A while ago I lambasted Lady Looney for denying the truths of things she doesn't understand. It frustrated me that she couldn't wrap her brain around both concrete facts and plausible theories that seem so simple and clear to me.

But today I think I know how she feels. Today I am infuriated by things that I simply can't process. I can't even imagine the world where these occurances would be okay. But apparently they are okay, and apparently I have to deal with that.

When did my method of thinking change?

And when did I start to view things so differently?


honestabe said...

Gee this is a normal condition for me, confusion and frustration. Welcome to our world. And By The Way Happy Belated Birthday you and Amy share the day

Heather said...

Thanks Uncle Ray. And I'm not sure I want to be in this part of the world ;)

Anonymous said...

well a certain soon to be ex has it so much worse than you even if confronted with real world that person is totally lost. hmmmmm reality must be for people that cant handle drugs!!!!
Dad A