Friday, April 23, 2010

Sometimes It's Nice to Feel Special

I have a sort of love/hate relationship with my birthday. Leading up to April 22, I get intimidated by the thought of people doing special things for me, giving me good wishes and paying bits of attention to me. I dread my birthday, and I dread the attention. But then the actual day comes and I find myself randomly announcing, "it's my birthday!" to rooms full of people I barely know.

"It's my birthday!" but I'm going to feel awkward and shy if you actually acknowledge me. I confuse myself sometimes. Tiffany reminded me that other people enjoy giving gifts. They take pleasure in knowing they're giving me something thoughtful--bringing me joy, and I shouldn't take that pleasure away. Sigh...and of course, she's right. Thank you for thinking I'm special, and for caring about me. I mean that sincerely.

It really was a great day. Paul kicked off the accolades with a sleepy, "Happy Birthday, Baby," mumbled as I kissed him goodbye, and my co-workers kept the party going with strawberry cheesecake and some very nice gifts. We managed to hold off on the cheesecake massacre until 10:30 am--an excellent hour for cake!

Breaking my rule of never spending more than $15.00 for a purse, I am now the owner of a leather designer handbag, thanks to Gloria. I'm spoiled! Also, I'm in love with this little owl thingamajiggy. I have no clue what it is,  but it's freaking adorable. Apparently owls are my new thing.

After work, I came home to these!

As well as a birthday card that made me cry a little bit...Paul is a fantastic card picker-outer. His card said exactly what I feel about him, and it made my heart soar to hear my thoughts come from his mouth. I'm just a little in love, in case you couldn't tell.

Earlier this week, Paul mentioned that Mom A wanted us to stop by after work as she had a card and 'some stuff' for me, so around 5:30 we headed over to her house. When Hailey and Tayla popped through the front door, carrying a potted daisy between them, I realized that 'some stuff' included a surprise dinner with the people I love best! It was a little overwhelming because I was not expecting that.

This family is going to make a green thumb out of me yet!

In honor of my birthday, Chris roasted me thoroughly, and I did my best to make fun of him at every possible opportunity, too. I think he won, though, by singing 'Borske borske borske' instead of 'Happy Birthday.' I'm destined to a life of being the giant Swede--a small price to pay for admission to the family.

Paul and I headed home, stuffed with salad, pasta, wine, bread (and bread and bread) and cake, and it occured to me to check the mail. (I kind of suck at checking the mail regulary) My mom and dad sent me a card, too!

My new purse is now loaded with gift cards for shopping, dinner, a pedicure and coffee! Thank you so much, everyone, for your thoughtful gifts, and for making me feel special and welcome.

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