Monday, September 27, 2010

Cold Feet: Not For the Marriage...Just the Wedding.

There's a contract sitting on my desk.
It's been there for well over a week.
It's due tomorrow, in addition to a $250 deposit.
To be dropped off at the Kitsap County Parks & Rec office.
For a wedding reception location.
A location that I haven't actually had the chance to look at yet.
I don't know which idea makes me more nervous.
That I haven't seen it...
Or that it will be the first absolute, the first handing over of funds, the first real, followed-through plan.
The date will be locked.
I'll be having an actual wedding.
Not Vegas.
Not a back yard.
I wish Paul had a little more opinion on these things.
I don't want to make these decisions alone.

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Erica said...

Why haven't you seen it? Can you not go? And of course you're going to be anxious, I was, too! But you'll be fine and when the day actually comes, once you get past the anxiety of walking down the aisle (I looked down almost the whole way, lol) then you will be so much more calm. It will be great :)