Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We Made Tayla Cry

Last Thursday after work, Tiffany picked her girls up from daycare and stopped by our house where all the boys were hard at work laying bamboo flooring. Tayla, Chris and Tiffany's three year old daughter, looked around with wide blue eyes at what used to be her grandma's house. All of Grandma's photos and knick knacks were gone. Her furniture was gone, and in place of Grandma's familiar ordered chaos, sawdust, power tools and carpet scraps reigned.

Tayla's eyes filled with tears and her lower lip pouted out. "Where's Grandma's house? I want Grandma's house back!"

Tiffany explained that Grandma lived with Bill now, and that this was Uncle Paul and Heather's house. Tayla really didn't like the idea and her sadness and confusion evolved into full on crying.

Until I handed her a marker and told her she could color on the subfloor.


Tiffany said...

It'll be an adjustment for everyone, but I think everything you've already done and will do to the house will make the transition easy and natural. It already looks more like you and Paul than Max. =)

Mom said...

Change is hard for children. It challenges their security. Maybe when she sees Grandma in her new home she will feel better.