Monday, December 7, 2009

All I Want for Christmas Is for Mariah Carey to Stop Singing

It finally happened, and now you all can ease up on calling me Scroogie McScroogestein. I got the first real twinge of Christmas spirit! I mean, I may be grumpy about it, and I may talk a big 'I Hate Christmas' talk, but I'm human and easily susceptable to yuletide magic, too!

In my family, stockings are a pretty big part of Christmas morning, and I know they are in Paul's family too. Maxine has stockings for everyone at her house, but it's important to me that we have our own stockings at our own house. We even have a mantle to hang them from! So on Saturday, Tiffany graciously helped me create Christmas stockings. I cut and pinned, and she sewed! (I'm quite afraid of sewing machines. They move too quickly!) Here's a preliminary photo of mine, Lilli's, Lauren's and Chloe's stockings. I'm still working on them, adding trim and embellishments, etc...

They're obviously homemade, and maybe a little crazier than most of you would consider for Christmas, but they reflect each of the girls' personalities, and I love them! (Paul and Nicholas' stockings will be made out of Paul's old ACUs. We're going to have to go to Max's for those.) I'm really excited to do this for the kids...hopefully it will make Christmas just a little more special for them.

On the way home, as I was driving along Yukon Harbor, I caught sight of something amazing through the trees. A lighted sailboat parade! I had totally forgotten that Port Orchard was having their parade that night, but I was still able to see some of the boats as they made their way to the marina. They were beautiful--outlined in colorful lights and sparkling against the pitch black water. I literally felt my heart lift and I'll admit, I had a very hard time keeping my eyes on the road as I craned my neck to keep the boats in sight through the twists and turns of the road.

Yesterday Paul and I ventured out to Silverdale to commence the Christmas Shopping Experience. I've been kind of nervous about this, only because of the sheer number of family members we have. After eight hours of trekking through not-horribly-crowded malls, toy stores, discount stores and craft stores, we succeeded in completely taking care of all the kids in the family, and several of the adults, too. (I may also have a couple of new shirts from Old Navy, and Paul might have a few new DVDs) By 10 pm our feet were screaming in agony and our backs were bent under our purchases, but we had a wonderful time just being together and planning ways to make Christmas particularly special for everyone. It was truly a great day.

Here's some of what we got for you all... =D

Ok, so maybe I'm a little excited now. Maybe I can't wait to get our tree decorated. Maybe I'm starting to think about baking Christmas goodies and finding an angel and skirt for our tree. Maybe I'm considering the perfect spot for the Nativity. Maybe this Christmas will be a great one for all of us...

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