Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I Wanted to Dye!!

Before I dug up my roots and drug my smitten heart to Port Orchard, I promised my mom often that I would be back in Oak Harbor every four to six weeks. After all, who was going to dye my hair? That was in early September. It's now mid-December and I've been back once. I guess I underestimated the ease of taking seven hours out of my day just for driving, not to mention, ya know, the time I'm supposed to spend there?

Sunday, as we were driving to Max's for Cookie Day, Chloe announced to the occupants of the Durango, "Heather, your hair is turning brown in spots!" Good thing she couldn't see the top! Yes, approximately four weeks ago, I attempted to dye my own hair.

At first the results were fine, but if you examine my locks today you'll discover a motley combination of shiny black strands, fading reddish-brown ends and huge glops of navy blue surrounding the 1/2 inch stripe that is my natural color. Disaster. Fortunately for me, I'm taller than pretty much everyone in my life who matters, and they are blissfully ignorant of the condition of my coiffe.

So tonight, I have a date with this little lovely:

If at first you do a crappy job, dye and dye until you get it right!

(Mom, what do you think of an impromptu road trip? HELP ME!!!)

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