Monday, December 14, 2009

O Tanenebaum, O...what the heck is a tanenbaum?

Christmas struck hard on Saturday, and I'm loving it! After Shop With A Cop Paul, the kids and I decorated!

First, we bundled up in our winter finery and trekked through the snowy woods to cut down our perfect tree.

I mean, we assembled and fluffed the tree we had purchased at Wal Mart a couple of weeks ago...

Next, we fastened glowing candles to the tree boughs.

Err...Paul performed man's annual struggle with tangled, half-lit multi-colored strands.

The fragrance of fresh pine filled the house.

Or was that a candle? Apparently faux trees shed as much as real ones.

An early gift or two couldn't wait to take their place under the tree!

Silliness ran rampant!

The Star Wars/nutcracker/silver and blue-themed tree turned out beautifully.

Paul and I are very excited for our first Christmas together (in the same country anyways =D)

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