Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shuffle It--A Sampling

1. Dido-- White Flag

    I went on a huge Dido kick in 2000/2001 and I still love her. Beautiful voice, beautiful lyrics. Unpretentious. Sarah and I saw her at Key Arena in 2001. Sarah was bored out of her mind but I think that was my first true (ok, only) lesbian love. Amazing evening.
   This song reminds me to fight for what is important. If giving up is an option, it wasn't meant to be yours.

2. Jars of Clay-- Tea and Sympathy

   A remnant of my days as a good little LCA girl. This album, Much Afraid, was played in constant rotation in my tiny bedroom. I would light incense and all my candles, lie on my bed, compose bad poetry and give in to the angst. Church angst. Huh. I still listen to Jars of Clay often. Hippie music, as SOMEONE would call it. Jesus was a hippie.

3. Dishwalla-- Counting Blue Cars

   One of my favorites, especially its acoustic version. Once, while standing detention my junior year, I counted how many white cars drove by over the hour. The number was many.
   I'm listening to the lyrics again, rather than quoting them mindlessly. This song closely reflects how I've been feeling lately about the whole meaning of life. Deep.

4. O.C. Supertones-- Dedication

   Andy and Alan took me to see Supertones at the Moore Theatre in 2000 and Christian ska never sounded so good! Also, I learned that day that Andy could not drive a car and drink a Gatorade at the same time. It was even an automatic, but he had to pull over to quench his thirst. The Supertones make me happy.

5. Incubus-- Just a Phase

   Incubus makes me moody and angry and floaty and it's just delicious. Some might argue that they went downhill after their first album, but I love them nonetheless. Brilliant. A guitar-heavy study in dynamics.

6. Linkin Park-- Cure for the Itch

   Ahahahahaha!!! Yes, I fell victim to the rap/rock fusion of the late 90s and early millenium. This track is all DJ work, but I like it.

7. Pink Floyd-- Us and Them

   I bought this CD because I thought it would be the cool thing to do, and soon learned that yes, I do like Pink Floyd. Don't ask me to actually discuss it with you though. My knowledge of the music is mostly related to what I see and hear on The of my favorite movies. Maybe I'll dig a little deeper one of these days.

8. Five Iron Frenzy-- Four-Fifty-One

   Funny, funny, brass-heavy, white people Christian rock. Silly. I love it. I yoinked the last CD off the shelf at His Place and the two guys behind me (from First Reformed) groaned with disappointment. I felt kinda bad, but not that bad. I had a gift certificate that I purchased in the merit store at school.
   'We're going nowhere, and it's happening fast/A dim future and a darker past.' I feel convicted; how bout you?

9. Muppets' Treasure Island-- Shiver My Timbers

   Don't ask... In my dark days as a Wal-Mart employee, we did a pirate-themed fundraiser. I was in charge of making a mixed cd of pirate songs to play as we walked in the Holland Happening parade. 'Yo Ho Ee Oh.'

10. Ciara-- One Two Step

   Can you believe it? I used to LOVE to go dancing at 'the club.' Nikki, Jaymy and I would get pretty drunk and pretend that we weren't as white as we really are. I can still smell the sweat/beer/smoke/STD bouquet of what was then P-Dubs. Of course, we had to have a pre-funk soundtrack while we were getting ready and I, always helpful, made some lovely mixed CDs.

11. Train-- Drops of Jupiter

   I love how his voice cracks when he cries out, 'Aaay aaaiaay eh.' This reminds me of the early mornings and late evenings of folding sweaters at JC Penney in Eau Claire.

12. Guns n' Roses-- Since I Don't Have You
   Canadian Anna from Wal-Mart first got me really into GnR. I love this cover... it combines 60's rock n' roll with the edge of late 80's power ballads all wrapped up in a beautiful Axl package. 'Yep, we're f*cked.'

13. Gym Class Heroes-- 8th Period: It's Okay But Just This Once
Bleh. Two good songs on this CD. This is not one of them.

14. Nirvana-- Smells Like Teen Spirit

   I'll admit, I jumped on that Nirvana band wagon a little late, but it was still so worth it. This is the Gen X anthem...but I'm a Gen Y'er. Oh well. Talent is talent. And I grew up just as close to Seattle as Kurt did, so I can totally claim locality.

15. Natalie Merchant-- Life Is Sweet

      In my book, Natalie Merchant is lumped in with Dido, Sarah McLachlan and all those lovely Lillith Faire Ladies. Her voice is smoke and fog, lilting and soaring, caressing and warm. Mostly I remember Thank You and Ophelia...her radio hits. It was years after the fact that I actually purchased the CD. For $2 at a thrift store in Wisconsin.

Apparently my iPod thought I needed to revist my teens and early 20's today, as nearly all of these songs highlighted that point in my life. That was a fun little trip. I hope I didn't bore you too badly.

Paul, no snotty hippie comments, and no down talking about how my generation was robbed of good music. You're only calling yourself old. And I love you and your taste in music!


Erica said...

Ok, you definitely have to add in Limp Bizkit-Chocolte Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water! You don't know how excited I was when I found out you could sing as many of the words as me!

Heather said...

I was soooo embarrassed to approve that comment Erica! But's in the iPod too. Don't tell Paul.